Quest for Freedom is an inspirational novel about relationships—relationships between couples and their relationships with God. It was released by Tate Publishing and Enterprises in Oklahoma, USA, on November 17, 2009.

Mike and Anne are about to get a divorce. Despite the love between them, the hardships in their lives might be too much for them to take. A fresh start could be the best thing for both of them. Paul and Claire Shaw have a different problem. Paul is a pastor, and Claire is a compassionate wife. After a series of tragedies, however, Paul’s faith in God is severely shaken. What do these couples have in common? They are on a Quest for Freedom from the secrets that have scarred their souls. They are looking for hope despite trauma and turmoil.

Enter Old Charles Young, a man who has a different kind of secret: he has found true freedom from the pain and darkness of his own secrets, trauma, and turmoil. Walk with these couples as they learn that they were made for freedom, regardless of the challenges life hands them.

Author Emil Kirstein’s easy, conversational style allows the reader to become a “fly on the wall” as each character unfolds his or her Quest for Freedom. The real-life lessons they’ve learned provide clues for the characters—and the reader—to find what they are seeking.


Quest for Freedom tells the story of two struggling couples who find hope in the wisdom of an old man they barely know. Emil Kirstein writes with the heart of a pastor and the insight of a counselor. This book is an enjoyable read, but it is also much more than that. It is useful as a companion to pastoral or Christian counseling, a gift for people who are seeking answers for the difficulties in life, and as edification for fellow believers in Christ. The best part about Emil’s writing style is that it is in no way heavy-handed or preachy.
—Jim Miller, Marketing Representative, Tate Publishing & Enterprises.

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Quest for Freedom

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