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My name’s Emil Kirstein and I was born and raised in South Africa. My wife, Lorna, and I are writers and teachers. As missionaries and teachers we’ve been active in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, Malawi, and South Korea. Currently we’re semi-retired in our hometown, Somerset West, South Africa, and enjoy time with our children, grandchildren and friends. I have a Master of Divinity degree (USA); and hold an Associate of the College of Teachers (TESOL) (UK). I believe that being a witness of the living Jesus Christ means more than mere religiosity and “churchianity.” Currently my wife and I focus on writing books and tutoring English, mostly to Koreans studying here in South Africa.

Maybe you’d like to know that I’ve got mileage on my odometer and overtime on my clock! My experience stems from having been in business, a missionary, a Bible teacher and an English teacher. By God’s grace my passport shows the immigration stamps of twelve countries, and I’ve lived in three of them inclusive of my home country, South Africa. The stay in Malawi was only for a couple of months, though. One could say that I’ve been places, seen things and experienced quite a bit—thus the mileage and overtime.

Quest for Freedom, is an inspirational novel about relationships—relationships between couples and their relationships with God. My debut novel was released by my publisher (Tate Publishing & Enterprises) in Oklahoma, USA, on November 17, 2009. You can read more about it at

You are welcome contact me through my website, There are links to email me, buy my book, read my blog, connect with me on Facebook, and the like. I welcome feedback from readers.

Blessings to you and yours.

~Emil Kirstein


My name is Lorna Kirstein. I was born in South Africa. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother. A very important aspect of my life is my deep desire to know God, to love Him, to hear His voice and obey His instructions.

I have a radiography diploma, a B.A. degree in Psychology and Sociology, a Master of Divinity degree and I hold an Associate of the College of Teachers.

My experiences span from being a radiographer, office worker, pastor, missionary, Bible teacher, and English teacher in South Korea to now being an English tutor to Korean students in South Africa. I’ve done a lot of travelling and seen and learnt a great deal about life. At the moment I’m busy writing my first book in between tutoring English and studying Korean.

The name of my book is The Waiting Game. It is the story of God’s dealings with Emil and Lorna Kirstein—i.e. our life story or autobiography. The reader will read through the lines how God taught us to wait for His deliverance and salvation in difficult situations, how true God is to His promises and how faithful He is in His love for His children. The reader will come to know that it is indeed possible to hear God’s voice and obey His instructions. This book is intended to be an encouragement for believers in their walk with God, and for unbelievers a proof that God is real and cares for those who seek Him.

God bless you all.

~Lorna Kirstein