The Blind Man


He was a man like you and me,

But he was blind and could not see.

One day he heard the Lord come by,

And then it was he gave a cry.


“Oh Lord help me I want to see,

Blind I no longer wish to be.

Help me, oh Lord, I beg of Thee,

To see is what I ask of Thee.”


Jesus said, “Bring that man to me,”

And asked, “Why do you call on Me?”

The man said, “Lord I want to see,

For blind I can no longer be.”


Jesus said, “By the power in Me,

Oh blind man you shall surely see.”

And so the man received his sight,

And praised the Lord with all his might.


“The Lord healed me now I can see,

Praise Thee my Lord I do thank Thee.

Saviour and Lord forever be,

My sight is what You gave to me.”


This story is for you and me,

To know He died upon that tree.

He gave His life for all to be,

Saved from our sin eternally.


We too are blind and cannot see,

So let us seek Him earnestly.

He waits for us so patiently:

Give Him our hearts submissively.



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© Lorna Kirstein