You are the keeper of the BOOKS

My name is written in your LEDGER

In red you wrote a CHEQUE

Drawn on the love in Father’s BANK

You did not consider it too great an EXPENSE

To once for all pay my entire DEBT

To sin and death I had been SOLD

Tetelestai’ you wrote on my RECEIPT

It is finished—it is PAID IN FULL

The blood requisite PURCHASE PRICE

Without using a farthing in the PETTY CASH

None of my own works and hard earned INCOME

To life eternal I have been BOUGHT

Now I make daily entries in my JOURNAL

And nightly I settle my ACCOUNTS

Before I am even INVOICED

You grant me REMITTANCE

You continuously inspect my INVENTORY

And erase all errors—negligible or GROSS

Your mercy is not FOR SALE

It is freely obtained without any COST

Worthless you count my CAPITAL ACQUISITIONS

And useless you reckon my DEPOSITED FUNDS

Where none is deserved you give me CREDIT

As a pearl you hold me as your priceless ASSET

And as the apple of your eye I am APPRECIATED

You certify my growing NETT WORTH

And keep my mansion room in RESERVE

An inheritance I will never TRADE

I reflect you in all my STATEMENTS

But the world sees my commitment as a LIABILITY

And suggests wiles for INCREASED REVENUE

Wicked ways that will only lead to LOSS

Such as unscrupulous INVESTMENT SCHEMES

But your name soars my MARKET VALUE

In your eyes I will never DEPRECIATE

And by grace secure unseen PROFITS

While you set me free of burdens TAXING

I accumulate heavenly treasure and WEALTH

You issue me with everlasting EQUITY


I eagerly await your imminent due RETURN

And the compiling of the closing BALANCE SHEET

When you will represent me at the final AUDIT


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(Author of Quest for Freedom)