The other night I dreamt that God had installed SCRAP—a Sophisticated Computerized Responder Answering Prayer.

I dreamt that, as usual, I was talking to God whilst in the shower. All of a sudden a voice came through the showerhead, “Thank you for calling heaven.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d never had such a clear response to prayer before. Neither had I ever experienced that kind of response! I thought that I must’ve imagined it all, and continued to talk to God. Again the showerhead answered, “Thank you for calling heaven. Please select one of the following options: press 1 for praise and thanksgiving; press 2 for prayer requests; press 3 for confession and forgiveness; press 4 for complaints; and for all other enquiries, please hold the line and the next available operator will answer your call.”

My mind raced through the previous evening’s dinner: nothing out of the ordinary. I checked my forehead for fever: nothing more than the warmth of the shower was in evidence. I wondered whether I was busy losing my mind!

The voice continued, “You haven’t pressed anything. Your call will be transferred to an operator. We are experiencing a high volume of international prayers at the moment. I’m sorry; all of our operators are busy helping believers, so please stay on the line. You are number eight million six hundred and forty three thousand seven hundred and ninety two. Your call will be answered in approximately eighty six minutes. If you want us to call you back when your turn in the queue has come, press 1. Otherwise, continue to hold.”

I turned the shower off and stood there totally dumbfounded. God going high-tech? I’m a number in a queue of millions? Impossible!

Soft worship music started to play in the background as the voice continued, “To expedite your call, you should now enter your identity number and press the pound key. Then enter your PIN and press the star key. Please be patient. Your prayer will be answered.”

It felt as if the shower cubicle had shrunk and become too small for me. So, I literally jumped out and stood there in the bathroom—dripping wet… dripping wet in my face… from perspiration… caused by anxiety!

I opened my eyes and realized that it’d all been a dream—a bad, bad dream. Before I was even properly awake, I fell out of bed onto my knees and gave thanks to God that I can talk to Him directly—through Jesus my Lord.

I’m so thankful that there isn’t any SCRAP between God and us.

Aren’t you too?


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